Nantong Xinlian Electronic Co., Ltd is a professional aluminum electrolytic capacitor production and supporting enterprises, the main products are: capacitor aluminum shell, chip capacitors. The company has passed ISO99001:2000 quality management system certification and 14000:2004 environmental management system certification. The company covers an area of 12668 square meters, construction area of 8288 square meters, has more than 100 employees.

     The company since its inception, always adhere to the "science and technology as the first, people-oriented" management concept, with "long to meet customer requirements, strive to exceed customer expectations" for the purpose, research and development and introduction of new products has always attached great importance to technological innovation, scientific and technological personnel work, every year to apply for a patent 3-5. Currently has 16 patents, including 1 invention patents. Always adhere to the scientific and rigorous style of work and the quality of products and services to customers. The use of advanced For more details



  • Lithium battery shell material with a good steel shell or aluminum shell?
    Lithium battery shell material... Aluminum shellAluminum shell is a kind of battery shell which is made of aluminum alloy. It is mainly used in the square...
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the motor aluminum shell and the cast iron shell?
    What are the advantages and di... Aluminum motor is generally stable with high working speed of DC motor are not very to force, because the soft aluminum,。。。
  • Excuse me, what is the difference between the aluminum shell battery and the polymer battery?
    Excuse me, what is the differe... A kind of polymer lithium batteries are lithium batteries, polymer with just aluminum-plastic packaging, no explosion, 。。。
  • What is the difference between the aluminum shell battery and the polymer battery?
    What is the difference between... Polymer lithium battery, which belongs to the lithium battery a, just polymer made of aluminum-plastic packaging, not ex。。。
  • Mobile phone batteries or lithium aluminum shell roolls safe?
    Mobile phone batteries or lith... According to the different electrolyte materials aluminum shell lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery can be divided ...
  • What is the effect of the cold deformation on the function of aluminum in the aluminum shell manufacturing process?
    What is the effect of the cold... Generally speaking of elements mainly in the aspects of information, skills, planning, the use of, the aluminum shell mo...
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